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Visiting school takes our rubbish away

Eight beach cleans scheduled with visiting school Bishop Stopford.

Over the next four weeks the AONB unit has eight beach cleans scheduled with visiting school Bishop Stopford.

This is the second year of collaboration with over 160 children and staff from the school – excursion co-coordinator Lindsey Dunn said “It is great to get involved in a local environmental activity and ‘give back’ to these beautiful islands in a positive way. It makes the kids aware of the impact that all of our every day consumption has on far-reaching places and how we should all cut out some unnecessary and polluting items such as water bottles”. The children were on the whole surprised at the amount of marine borne litter that ends up on our shores and made a huge impact on its volume by collecting 139 (biodegradable) bin bags of waste and other large items. There was even a message in a bottle found from 3 Spanish yachts men – reputedly launched 5 months previously from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! There was waste found originating from as far away as Japan and South America.

Last year was the 40th anniversary of the schools visits to the Isles of Scilly which was celebrated with a big barbecue at their usual place of accommodation – Pelistry Farm campground.

It is hoped that this beach cleaning partnership will remain a regular part of the schools visit each year with the planned release of  the schools own (reclaimed from the beach) messages in bottles spreading the word about waste being everyone’s problem and a far-reaching one that we must all take responsibility for.

There are regular AONB organized beach cleans throughout the season advertised at the TIC, on Radio Scilly and on posters around the islands – please come along and help keep our islands beautiful.

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