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Wildlife Big Night Out in the AONB

Dozens of Young People from the Isles of Scilly Youth Hub joined in for an evening’s activities centered on the AONB’s nocturnal wildlife with help from the RSPB’s Wildlife Explorer’s Club and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

The group’s first visit was to Carreg Du Gardens in St Mary’s, were they listened to the sounds of Blackbird, Thrush and Wren as they settled down to roost for the night.

After visiting the gardens the group walked to the Longstone Heritage Centre and were met by a local Moth expert. The group were lucky enough to hold lots of interesting species, all varying in size and shape, arriving in Scilly from all over the world.

During hot chocolate and cookies the young people were intrigued by how the stars, planets and our solar system were created from the smallest atoms. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to view Scilly’s skies through a telescope!

On our walk home lots of Pipistrelle Bats were picked up through our bat detectors. The bats were busy foraging for insects between the Elm trees. The Young People learnt all about their techniques for hunting prey at night, as well as their ability to navigate through the landscape in the dark!

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