Isles of Scilly - AONB

Garrison Wildlife and Treasure Hunt

The AONB Unit, RSPB and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust joined forces in organising a wildlife and history treasure hunt around the Garrison, St Mary’s!

Working in teams the young people followed the clues-answering questions about wildlife and history along the way. The trail involved a bird watching quiz, where the group had to go into a small area of woodland and search for as many bird species as they could find.

The group was also joined by Darren Hart, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Assistant Warden, where the young people were introduced to the Red Ruby cattle and Dartmoor ponies that graze the heathland on the Garrison for conservation. The group learnt about the plants and animals that depend upon the grazing regime.

The group managed to solve the last clue which led them to the hidden treasure!

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