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Review to AONB Partnership Planning Protocol

The AONB Planning Consultative Panel (PCP) was formed in November 2005. One of its first actions was to draft a Planning Protocol between the AONB Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) and the Local Planning Authority. This protocol (first adopted in January 2006) establishes the principle that the AONB JAC will, through powers delegated to PCP, submit consultation responses to the Local Planning Authority on planning applications and planning policy that may impact on the AONB designation’s statutory purpose of conserving and enhancing the environment.

The panel is made up of JAC members and representatives of AONB partner organisations. Members are independent of the Local Planning Authority and do not comment on applications in which they have an interest.

JAC has resolved to disband PCP in its current form because it is proving difficult to recruit, train and retain PCP members. The work is time-consuming and requires a working knowledge of national and local planning policy. In view of these challenges JAC has resolved to devolve responsibility for drafting consultation responses to the AONB staff, with JAC representative(s) reviewing drafts to assure quality and consistency.

The AONB Partnership will continue to submit evidence-based, policy-informed assessments of the likely impact of proposed development and planning policy on the AONB environment.

The current JAC Planning Protocol, last reviewed in March 2010, is being revised to reflect the new mechanism and procedure.

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