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AONB Unit Refreshes ‘No Butts’ Campaign in Scilly

The Isles of Scilly AONB Unit is currently working to refresh the ‘No Butts’ Campaign, which has been running in Scilly for the last five years.

The AONB Unit are investing in new material to encourage smokers to bin their butts. On average, each smoker drops 2 butts every day. This equates to 2.4 million being dropped every day in the UK. Inevitably, some of these end up on our beaches.

In Scilly, the AONB Partnership works to deliver beach cleans and cigarette butts are frequently found on beaches, especially those in Hugh Town on St Mary’s.

Clare Lewis, The AONB Unit’s Environmental Awareness Coordinator says ‘Local pubs in particular can help make a difference by encouraging smokers to dispose of their butts in designated ashtrays. Cigarette butts disposed on Scilly’s beaches are unattractive, but the chemicals found in them are also lethal to wildlife’

Look out for the ‘No Butts’ promotion in pubs supporting the campaign across the Islands.

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