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Lobster and Crawfish Tagging Project

 This exciting project will see a number of tags fitted to lobsters and crawfish as part of a two year project to demonstrate the sustainability of Scilly’s fisheries.

When these lobsters and crawfish are later caught by fishermen around the Islands, the tag information will be sent to the Isles of Scilly IFCA team, who can then use the information to monitor the lobster and crawfish populations and movement, as well as growth and recapture rates.

We’re incredibly lucky on the Islands that the local fishing community has got completely behind the project. They have been really helpful in allowing us to come on board their vessels and begin the tagging process.” said IFCA Officer Doug Holt. “This project is made much easier thanks to the helpfulness of the local fishermen.”

It is hoped that the data will show that crawfish and lobster stocks are sustainable. “Proof that our stocks are sustainable could lead to an increase in the value of local produce as restaurants and food sellers place higher priority on supplying customers with fresh food that is sourced in a sustainable way.” commented Doug Holt, IFCA Officer.

The Isles of Scilly has been selected as part of an EU pilot study to see the impact of introducing crawfish that were bred in captivity. The scheme that includes locations in mainland Europe includes Scilly as the only English region for the project.



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