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New Structure in Place for the AONB Partnership

The AONB Joint Advisory Committee (JAC), at its last meeting on December 11th 2013, approved new AONB Partnership Terms of Reference, Operation and Structure as part of an ongoing AONB governance review.

This review process ensures that the AONB Partnership is an effective strategic decision- maker, a Partnership that responds quickly to opportunties to develop and deliver collaboratative initiatives with the public, private and voluntary sectors, an appropriate mechanism for supporting and guiding the work of the AONB Unit and is explicit and clear in its relationship with the host authority.

The new approved structure for the AONB Partnership includes the establishment of a new Executive Group which oversees the management of the AONB Unit, including the provision of strategic guidance on AONB priorities, on the operation of the Unit, and on delivery against Business Plan objectives. The Executive Group will also manage the AONB budget, reporting to the JAC and the host authority. The Executive Group will also seek to identify additional funding streams, and to scope the viability of new funding opportunities.

For more information on the the new AONB Terms of Reference, Operation and Structure, please click here. Alternatively, please contact a member of the AONB Staff Team.

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