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Helping Visitors Explore St Mary’s

The AONB Partnership is pleased to be working with the Council of the Isles of Scilly to develop street signage for St Mary’s. The welcome addition of discrete, appropriately designed signs will allow visitors to Scilly the opportunity to effectively explore and enjoy the Island.

This work has been supported by the The Blue Sail “Future of Tourism” study, April 2011, which recommended the installation of directional signage on St Mary’s to help visitors explore the whole island and get the best out of their experience. The recent Economic Plan for the Island’s reaffirms this recommendation stating the need to install discrete and coherent signage on St Mary’s to improve the experience for visitors. The AONB Partnership Interpretation Strategy, 2008, states ”the AONB Partnership does not advocate the proliferation of signs and signposts, but for visitors, particularly on a first or second visit, signage is essential if they are to get the best from their visit”.

A series of 10 signs are being erected on St Mary’s. The purpose of the signs is to improve the visitor experience without negative impact on the landscape. The following key points are addressed by the signage;

There are 3 new signs to be sited in Hugh Town in the area from the Harbour to the Park at the Parade.  The remaining 7 new signs are to be sited at appropriate places around road junctions out of town.

If you have any queries, please contact Rebecca Steggles (AONB Assistant) at or call 01720 424315.

Alternatively, Julian Pearce (Council of the Isles of Scilly Economic Development Officer) at or call 01720 424806.

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