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How to Comment on Countryside Stewardship Targeting Statements for Isles of Scilly-This has now closed

Natural England has now been asked to write the targeting statements for each of the 159 target areas.  These form one part of the package of information that will be provided to potential applicants to the scheme, and they aim to concisely set out the high level priorities for the scheme in each target area. We have been helped in writing these by Forestry Commission, Environment Agency.

A two week period has been included during drafting to invite comment on the draft statements. The Isles of Scilly AONB Partnership has offered their website as a conduit for displaying the draft statements and to provide the links for the comment gathering.

The wording in the targeting statements must meet the government’s Smarter Guidance rules.  There is some, but limited, (highlighted in RED in the statement) opportunity to check and suggest changes to the content of the statements: this will be limited to checking for any inaccuracy, and suggesting additional opportunities for achieving multiple priority outcomes in the local landscape.  There is no opportunity to amend the standard text, nor the targeting methodology as set out in the national targeting paper. The targeting statements will contain lists of the priority features in each area – these are not intended to be exhaustive lists – and how management for certain features will be targeted. The statements will not include a map of targeted features; maps will be available later as part of the wider package of information and IT support to scheme applicants.

If you wish to view, or comment on any of the draft target area statements, they are available by the clicking on this PDF link: Target Statement

The comments will be gathered through a simple survey.


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