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AONB Management Plan

The vision for the Isles of Scilly AONB is outlined in the current AONB Management Plan (2015-2020). It is a statutory requirement under Part IV of The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (the CRoW Act) for a local authority to prepare and publish a plan which formulates the policy for managing each AONB that falls within the local authority catchment. The vision contained in the current Management Plan is that the Isles of Scilly AONB designation:

– Retains the special qualities of landscape and seascape that form the essence of the AONB

– Is recognised, understood and conserved for all to appreciate, enjoy and respect in a manner that is socially and economically sustainable

– Responds to forces for change, including climate change, tourism, agriculture, development and energy security by integrating the needs of local communities and visitors with the conservation and enhancement of a nationally important landscape

– Welcomes visitors who contribute to the sustainable economy of the Islands without compromising the special qualities of the AONB

– Supports a farming community that is successfully adapting to changing economic circumstance through sustainable diversification and strategic resource management that respects and conserves the AONB’s traditional landscape features

– Supports a population with a strong sense of community, working in partnership to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability

– Supports a diverse community that enjoys a good quality of life, with opportunities for young people to remain on the Islands and with access to fulfilling employment and a wide range of services

The CRoW Act 2000 requires each AONB Management Plan to be reviewed every five years. The current Management Plan (2015-2020) can be viewed on-line along with the predecessor plans (2004-2009 & 2010-2014)

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