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AONB Landscape Monitoring Project

The AONB Landscape Monitoring Project has been developed in collaboration with the Cornwall and Tamar Valley AONB Partnerships to monitor changes to these protected landscapes over time.

The Landscape Monitoring Project presents the results for the Isles of Scilly AONB, based on a framework of Landscape Monitoring Units (LMUs) which were defined as suitably sized areas of common landscape character to enable change to be monitored over time. The identification of LMUs was based on the information contained within the Isles of Scilly Landscape Character Assessment.

The project selected a set of monitoring indicators for each LMU, based both on local distinctiveness and considering factors that may influence future landscape change.

A full explanation of the project is given in the main project report, available to download from the link below. This information will be re-visited by the AONB every five years or so, with the indicators measured in the same way to allow for any landscape change from 2008 to be identified.  The ‘protocols’ that have been developed to enable the same method to be followed in the future, to measure each indicator, are detailed in the separate report available for download from the bottom of this page.

Download: Landscape Monitoring Report

Download: Monitoring Report Protocols

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