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Porth Conger, St Agnes

St Agnes

What St Agnes lacks in size and population it makes up for with a profusion of just about everything else. It’s roughly a mile wide, its population is around 75 and – separated from St Mary’s since the Bronze Age it has developed a distinctive sense of identity.

Butterflies are attracted to the Island, and it is also the first landfall for migrating birds. In addition, the incredibly clear and clean atmosphere fosters an abundance of wildflowers and lichens, and there’s nothing, either, to impede view’s of the dazzling night skies.

St Agnes offers the simple pleasures in life: watch the birds or the sun as it sets, or swim and dive in the clean seas. (Boat trips round the Island are available, but they leave from St Mary’s.) On St Agnes people still make a living by growing flowers and catching fish. St Agnes is the only inhabited island without a hotel but there is a range of accommodation to choose from, including guest houses, self-catering cottages and a campsite. There are also cafés, a pub and a well-stocked post office/general store/off-licence.

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