Isles of Scilly - AONB
Undulating Interior of St Mary's

Undulating Agricultural Interior

Key Features:

– Gentle undulating relief e.g. low hills and valleys of St Mary’s

– Sheltered and removed from the extreme influence of the sea.

– Patchwork of fields with stone hedges, mainly anciently enclosed land, but also including late post-medieval and modern enclosures and bulb-strips.

– Many stone boundary walls are covered with bracken and gorse and therefore appear as lines of vegetation rather than stone walls.

– Mix of pasture, bulb-fields and grass ley.

– Wooded appearance due to pine shelterbelts and lines of Elm.

– Network of sunken, winding, elm-lines lanes (possibly of medieval origin) linking farmsteads, settlements and the coastal edge and providing a good network for recreation.

– Small nucleated farmsteads with a variety of outbuildings and barns, some under threat of conversion and loss of character.

– Several farmsteads in the northern part of St Mary’s are surrounded by small remnant orchards.

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