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‘There is…..a greater variety of enjoyment offered to the visitor, if he is in search of pure air, healthy exercise, picturesque views and bold scenery, within the circuit of these Islands, than can be found in places of more general resort’. 

 Reverend I.W. North (1850) A Week in the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly comprise around 200 rocks and islands, five of which are currently inhabited. Part of what makes the islands so distinctive is their wide diversity of plant and animal life. Summer temperatures are slightly cooler than the mainland’s (although winters are milder). These conditions are kind to the sub-tropical plants that have made the islands their home. As the atmosphere on Scilly lacks the dust and industrial pollutants seen almost everywhere these days, the light has a striking brightness and clarity.

Like the air, the sea surrounding Scilly is also unusually clean, which helps explain the profusion of marine life, from anemones and kelp to seals, porpoises and dolphins.

Scilly has a large number of migrating birds and supports a greater density of song thrushes than anywhere on the British mainland, due to its small fields and hedges.

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