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Things to do in the AONB

There is something for everyone on Scilly, from walking and cycling along the roads and coast paths, to diving and sailing in the clear waters, and eating out in one of the many pubs, restaurants and cafés. The Tourist Information Centre can be found on Porthcressa Beach, St Mary’s, or visit

Hire a bike

St Mary’s and the off-islands are easy to explore by bike. Winding roads with views over farmland and the coast can be fully explored. Not only is this an excellent way to keep fit it is also environmentally friendly. (Please remember to keep to the main paths to avoid disturbance to wildlife and contributing to erosion).


The coast paths and inland routes have a lot to offer. A walking routes leaflet is available at the Tourist Information Centre.

Archaeological guided walks

The islands boast many Bronze Age settlements, field systems and ceremonial landscapes. The medieval castles and earthworks are of international and national importance. Guided walks and boat trips to view the archaeology are available.

Wildlife and marine excursions

There are many ways to enjoy the marine environment from the water. Pelagic boat trips run from spring to autumn to view puffins, Manx shearwaters, guillemots, shags and razorbills and even the odd dolphin or basking shark if you’re lucky. Daily trips often include views of atlantic grey seal colonies which are of international importance.

Diving and snorkeling

Over 900 wrecks lie beneath the waves in Scilly, challenging all abilities. The variety of marine life is exceptional with many rare sea sponges, sea fans and sea grass habitats to be explored. Not forgetting of course, the chance of a possible encounter with the many fish and seals that inhabit Scilly’s waters.

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